Friday, April 13, 2007

Amazing Race All Star in KL

This week (the 8th episode), the All Stars had fly all the way from Poland to race in the sun blazing Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The route:

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Batu Caves

I didnt know the steps are numbered Hehe

Kampung Baru Mosque

Eric: dirty pirate hookers!
Danielle: shady bitches!
They got mad after being yielded by the Barbies and had to stay in the sun for a while.

Cookie Confection in Chowkit

Upacara memakan kuih raya
They have to search through 600 boxes of traditional Malaysian special cookies and find the one that had a black licorice center

Despite the full support from Malaysian cheering at the back, still they cannot find it!
I salute these girls, especially when they pronounce almost every Malay words in the direction correctly. Way to go girls!

Intense argument as Danny incorrectly believed that he could only taste one cookie in a box and toss it on the ground since all the cookies in a box would taste like licorice if he found the right one. They also failed!

So both proceed with the other Detour.
Only Eric and his partner managed to look for the black licorice after their time out.

Artistic Expression at Dewan Lama

They had to use an ancient technique known as batik to exactly duplicate one of three patterns onto and then dye a 45 square-foot piece of cloth.

Described "The task required the careful application of an artistic skill, but Teams with an eye for detail could find them selves jumping ahead"
Is it that hard? :-)

Dustin & Kandice (The Barbies) had finished the task before the 2 teams that failed the first detour arrive. They'd made a good choice in Detour.

Roadblock in Taman Sri Hartamas
"In this Roadblock, one Team member had to give a nod to Malaysia's eco-friendly practice of recycling. Team members chose a bicycle with a side cart attached and scoured the neighborhood for residents willing to sell them their used newspapers. Once they had collected enough newspapers to make an eight-hands high stack, they would receive their next clue."

Erm...Malaysia's eco-friendly practice of recycling? Hehe, No comment

Surat Khabar Lama?

Thanks to the people of Taman Sri Hartamas. Im amazed, they were very helpful, mayb genuine or mayb bcos there were cameras :P

Since he was the last guy to complete this task, there are not much old newspaper to collect. So he opted to buy the newspapers at a nearby Petronas station, instead.

The 1st team to arrive in the 8th episode

The Barbies!
Erm, There are tendency of all women team to win in Malaysia.
Bfore, Malaysian Zabrina and Joe Jer, the winner of Amazing Race Asia.
Mayb this will repeat in the All Star?

Owh forgot to mentioned, there is another team (Uchenna&Joyce) stranded at the connecting airport (Frankfurt). They are the one eliminated in this episode.

I'm proud when KL is depicted as an eco-friendly city inhabitted by helpful and friendly people. Actually, I never feel that way, I hate the overcrowded congested KL. Erm maybe I need to revisit some time. Things can change, Hopefully :D


zafi said...

i miss the fun..

Hafiz MZ said...

British TVs are much more fun Hehe